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Experience cougar lakeshore

experience cougar lakeshore

not uncommon to hear stories about cougars from Sleeping Bear visitors and locals. While you are unlikely to see a cougar, it is wise to know how to behave if you do encounter one. Please report any encounter to the National Park Service by calling. The Cougars had two practices last season and with a small turnout, cancelled the season and decided to regroup for 2017. But weve also had a few come in from the north end of the Lakeshore, up by Shalda Creek. experience cougar lakeshore


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New 5th Wheels: Experience cougar lakeshore

This year, everything came together the way we wouldve liked to in 2016 where the guys are interested, we have the field, the finances seem like theyre going to come together nicely, we have the coaching staff, we have the experience, Fox said. Zadorozny @m, (616) @SentinelZads. Baited with roadkill deer, the cameras were set for a total of 863 nights. We got Saugatuck High School to agree to let us play on it but it was a little bit late in the process and by then some of the other guys had already decided to go play for some other teams. While bear sightings are becoming more common, actual human/bear encounters are nil. Staff and rangers have reported somewhere between twenty-five and thirty sightings of bears in the past few months, says Morhman. Keep children next to you. Follow this reporter on Twitter @SentinelZads and on Facebook at Holland Sentinel Sports. To see a cougar can be a thrilling experience, but these animals deserve your respect! While some final touches on the construction to the exhibit is ongoing, park visitors this month can be some of the first to see the new black bear display. experience cougar lakeshore

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