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Conjugation of rencontre montreux

rencontriez, past participle rencontré ils rencontrent rencontreront rencontraient. Related terms edit, further reading edit, etymology edit, from, old French re- (again) encontrer (to meet, encounter). Many other verb patterns, except verbs of the finir type plus a few other patterns, have an irregular vowel change,.g. When using it, skip the subject pronoun: rather than tu rentre, simplify it to rentre. See the grammar section on irregular verb patterns in French for a list of the different vowel changes. See the notes on the conjugation of rencontrer at the end of this page.

Conjugation of rencontre montreux - Rencontrer - French

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. These are the indicative mood forms and you will simply pair the subject pronoun with the appropriate tense in order to complete a sentence. Outside the regular -er paradigm, only aller, être and naître have past participles ending in -é. Beyond the verb usage, it can also be used as an adjective, gerund, or noun in certain contexts. More Conjugations of Rentrer Among other common conjugations of rentrer that you may need to know are the subjunctive verb mood and the conditional verb mood. Each of these gives some uncertainty to the action of returning. This is formed by adding -ant to the verb stem rentr. The rencontrer conjugation tables below show how to form the French verb rencontrer according to tense and person. Subjunctive Conditional Passé Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je rentre rentrerais rentrai rentrasse tu rentres rentrerais rentras rentrasses il rentre rentrerait rentra rentrât nous rentrions rentrerions rentrâmes rentrassions vous rentriez rentreriez rentrâtes rentrassiez ils rentrent rentreraient rentrèrent rentrassent The imperative verb mood is used for short, direct.

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